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Review: Scratching the Surface? Sydney Session Thurs 10

Since gaining an audience (albeit a very small one) I’ve done the cardinal writing sin and edited my opinion. There are things that haven’t made it to these pages because I was afraid I was being too cynical and ‘unfair’ in my review.

But first impressions are what matters in this instant society isn’t it? A first impression can be every bit as valuable as a thoughtfully considered opinion.

It is with this attitude (and a tight deadline) that I write today.

The best part about last night was leaving.
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Review: Creative for a Cause – 7 June 2010

I was pretty unfair to judge Creative Sydney on its launch- all launches are somewhat glamourised, pretentious affairs, where networking is about judging a book by its designer cover.

This forum was a better indicator of the philosophies behind the festival -idealistic, but still achievable and definitely more ‘Everyday People’ -friendly than the launch party.

Last night’s program showcased some AMAZING projects and ideas. Alas I only have room to talk about two speakers.

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Launch review: Who is Creative Sydney for?

We know now, after going to the launch, that we have at least two readers. (Hello to both.)

Now, about the writers.. One of us has been to visit Creative Sydney last year, the other hasn’t. We both are learning about Community Cultural Development (CCD), which means that a lot of the people presenting at Creative Sydney feel a bit above our pay bracket. CCD is about developing community by using arts/culture.

Oh – and one of us is a little more positive than the other. Which means these reviews will read a little bit like ‘good cop/ bad cop’. Enjoy the ride.

Is there anyone reading this blog who doesn’t already know what Creative Sydney is? It’s like an open conference for creative people in Sydney, hosted in the function room of the MCA.

Which leads to the first issue of the night – WHO IS CREATIVE SYDNEY FOR???

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